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Leaders from Mayo and Council of Scientific and Industrial Study.

Leaders from Mayo and Council of Scientific and Industrial Study , Today signed a memorandum of understanding to work together on such topics as medication India, biomarker and device research associated with heart disease, chemical biology and used genomics, and innovations in metabolomics . ‘We anticipate working with our colleagues in India to progress health care for everyone,” says Robert Rizza, M.D., Mayo executive dean for study and the Earl and Annette R. McDonough Professor. Related StoriesStanford University launches brand-new professional education courseBD Lifestyle Sciences completes acquisition of Cellular ResearchAutism Speaks launches web-centered portal for MSSNG data source’We welcome this new romantic relationship with Mayo Clinic, with which we share many strong interests in medical and technology research as well as health care delivery at affordable cost,’ says Samir Brahmachari, Ph.D., director general of CSIR.The statistics are located in the 2010 Canadian Cancer Statistics, today by the Canadian Cancer Society released. British Columbians lead just how due to our lifestyle habits – we have lower tobacco and obesity rates and higher physical activity rates – which is paying down in lower cancer rates, says Kathryn Seely, Community Issues Manager, Canadian Tumor Society, B.C. And Yukon. Steadily, we continue to make significant improvement in the fight against cancer, more must be done however. Through advancements in research we realize that 50 percent of cancers can be prevented.