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One substance – many results Experiments show epothilone works on many levels. Epothilone reduces the development of scar tissue formation by inhibiting the forming of microtubules in the cells that type the scar tissue. Therefore they cannot migrate to the spinal-cord lesion and cause wound scarring. At the same time, epothilone promotes regeneration and development in the nerve cells by leading to microtubules to grow in to the damaged axon tips. In a nutshell: through the same effect, namely microtubule stabilization, epothilone can inhibit directional movement in scar-forming cells while stimulating active development in nerve cell axons.Americans right now live near a good amount of cheap and easily available food from a number of sources, report Georgia State wellness economist Charles Courtemanche and his co-workers in a fresh study. A nearer look reveals small difference among the resources themselves. ‘Folks are doing a large amount of eating,’ stated Courtemanche, an associate professor in the Andrew Youthful School of Policy Research. ‘But as economists, we realize people's choices don't switch overnight, so the constant rise since 1980 must involve their incentives to consume.’ This issue led Courtemanche and his co-workers to create a comprehensive economic style of bodyweight and 27 state-level variables they categorized as general fiscal conditions and labor source, along with the monetary or period costs associated with calorie consumption , exercise and smoking cigarettes.