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California residents see mysterious lamps flash in the sky during earthquake Whenever a magnitude 6.

The neighborhood KPIX 5 newsroom was flooded with calls in regards to a strange phenomenon of lights occurring in the sky. Some cultural people thought the unusual lights were UFO-generated, while the more practical types thought a transformer exploded in the length. Some required to twitter to tone of voice their bewilderment: ‘Everybody sensed the earthquake but I’m the only one who saw the blue flashes in the sky??’ stated one Napa Valley resident. Another person tweeted, ‘Saw flashes of light that looked like lightning immediately after earthquake, large green flash north of Sebastopol then.’ Nope, they aren’t UFOs, says leading scientistAccording to scientist Friedemann Freund, who functions at the SETI Institute in Mountain Look at, the ‘earthquake lights’ are not from UFOs or explosions.The process submission is supported by solid, positive data from Can-Fite's Phase I/II HCC research published in The Oncologist, and presented in the 18th World Congress on Developments in Oncology. The Phase I/II study data demonstrated that the trial goals were effectively achieved. CF102 had an extremely favorable protection profile with very encouraging median overall survival and one patient who offers been treated for 4 years with CF102.