Chef Anahita Naderi

Whats the cause of these scaly annular lesions?

An annular eruption on the trunk Test thoroughly your diagnostic skills in our regular dermatology quiz. What’s the cause of these scaly annular lesions? Case presentation A 10-year-old young lady presents with a four-month history of a scaly annular eruption that has been gradually evolving on her trunk . It is mildly itchy, but not severely enough to wake her at night . Tinea was suspected initially, but epidermis scrapings for fungal contamination have returned negative outcomes. The patient has not had any recent contact with pets or other pets, and treatment with antifungal creams has been ineffective..


For the essential purpose of quieting your brain in planning for meditation, this is whatever you will ever require. For finest results, hatha yoga must be taught by a qualified teacher personally. These directions and drawings are meant only as a rudimentary aid. For even more elaborate regimens, inquire at a recognized school specializing in hatha yoga. The scene of hatha yoga includes a spiritual purpose – to equilibrium physical and physic energies in preparation for meditation. It isn’t only meant to make us youthful, beautiful or creative, but to aid us in quieting the mind, body and emotions that we may possibly awaken enlightened awareness & know the Personal within..