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Celling SpineSmith and Technology team up to analyze adipose tissue derived stem cell applications Celling Technology, a subsidiary of SpineSmith Partners, is collaborating with Tissue Genesis, Inc. To research potential applications for adipose tissue derived adult stem cells. SpineSmith obtained the global rights in spine for Cells Genesis’ adipose cells derived stem cell technology in November of 2007. Replacing the prior arrangement, this new exceptional agreement allows Celling Technologies to help expand research adipose cells derived stem cells in a number of human applications, including orthopedics, vascular, trauma, plastics and disease, in certain agreed upon medical institutes.‘We need to emphasize disease prevention, and not just treatment,’ said Hovell, who will deliver his free open public lecture at 4 p.m. At SDSU’s Small Theatre. ‘That is important because despite our greatest efforts to eradicate disease, nature continues to throw brand-new problems our method, and all symptoms indicate that many illnesses we’re fighting today will still be with us, and may upsurge in severity and rate.’ Hovell can be an internationally acknowledged scholar in neuro-scientific health advertising and a founder of SDSU’s Middle for Behavioral Epidemiology and Community Wellness . He’ll discuss the use of his study to global open public health concerns and suggest prevention attempts to handle catastrophic pandemic risks.