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College prices

College prices, education loan debt skyrocket while university presidents earn more than Obama The president of america is paid $400,000 a complete year for his services, but that’s not as much as most presidents of American universities are making, according to a new study . What’s more, data show how expensive college is becoming, which could be considered a reason why college loan debt provides soared to more than the gross domestic product of many of the world’s countries. Based on the research by the Chronicle of ADVANCED SCHOOLING, a business publication, salaries of U.S. General public university presidents rose 5 % within the last fiscal year nearly, even as tuition climbed and pupil debt ballooned, to a median pay level topping $400,000.

Maryland lawmakers considered and rejected the basic idea this year. 50. Hawaii County, Hawaii also raised its cigarette smoking age group to 21 years older. Some states including Utah, Alabama, New and Alaska Jersey, have increased the smoking age group to 19 Utah already gets the nation’s lowest cigarette smoking rate, about 12 % in 2011 according to the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control. Colorado isn’t considerably behind, at about 18 % in 2011, according to the CDC. Despite the low rates, wellness advocates in both continuing claims testified a higher tobacco age could depress the prices even further. ‘Moving it to later, we can lessen use obviously,’ said Bob Doyle, mind of the Colorado Tobacco Avoidance and Education Alliance.