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The piece examines the issues the united states has faced in trying to get doctors to serve rural communities and reactions to this plan . Related StoriesTGen researchers join international scientists in finding how malaria proteins could some day help stop cancerMalaria parasite hides undetected in the liver for very long time before reawakening to cause diseaseResearch finding factors towards developing effective malaria vaccineReport Analyzes Myanmar Rebuilding After Cyclone Nargis Nearly two years after Cyclone Nargis struck Myanmar’s Irrawaddy delta, killing 140 nearly,000 and leaving 2.4 million destitute, survivors remain struggling to recover their livelihoods and several you live without adequate shelter, [regarding to] a report released on Tuesday by the Tripartite Core Group , Reuters AlertNet reports .Usually, why would they demand that Vioxx and Cox-2 inhibitors be put back available, even after these drugs have killed thousands of people also according to the FDA’s own medication safety scientists? Standard FDA tactics: fear and disinformationBut to comprehend the FDA’s history on silver, you’ve got to look back a few years and realize the way the FDA used scare tactics and disinformation to attempt to make people afraid of silver products. Silver is a broad-spectrum antibiotic certainly, and perhaps, just as significantly, microbes do not build up a level of resistance to silver. It isn’t a chemical substance antibiotic like penicillin. I’ve seen many instances where it wipes out drug-resistant superbugs in hospitals, and I’ve seen people use silver to get rid of colds, flus, dysentery, and all sorts of things.