Chef Anahita Naderi

She says Females longer experience chronic pain.

‘For example, temporomandibular [jaw] discomfort, or TMJ, is usually highest in the pre-menstrual period and during menses.’ For treating pain, studies show women and men experience different unwanted effects of analgesic medications. There have been studies into whether guys respond better to opioid medications also, but the results are ambiguous at best, she said. However, study has shown that there are numerous elements involved with response to pain medications. ‘Genetic and hormonal differences may be the main cause for any differences, but it's becoming clear that sociable and psychological factors are also important increasingly,’ said Kelly.The spouse underwent fourteen days of treatment in the home using continuous positive airway pressure . The noninvasive treatment prevents the upper airway from collapsing while asleep, allowing the lungs to operate during sleep normally. Following treatment, the wife’s quality of life measure jumped from a 1.2 to a 7, meaning the sleep apnea was no bothering her at almost all. Her sleepiness scale, which procedures how tired she seems during the day, dropped from 12 to 6. Marital satisfaction scores improved from 3 to 5 5.8 and the wife’s sleep effectiveness jumped from 73 % to 82 %.