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The task will focus on patients with metastatic colorectal cancer.

AngioPredict project to spotlight sufferers with metastatic colorectal cancer The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland is leading an international team of scientists on a significant study which aims to predict colorectal cancer patients’ response to the ‘angiogenesis inhibitor’ class of anti-cancer drug which prevents growth of tumour arteries. The analysis will facilitate a more focused therapeutic approach limiting side-effects in patients thus zithromax azithromycine . The task will focus on patients with metastatic colorectal cancer .

Animal diseases spreading between countries, such as for example foot-and-mouth area disease and avian influenza, tend to be having a severe financial and social impact, the two firms said in joint statement today. FAO and OIE called upon donors and countries to get more in the control of contagious transboundary animal diseases. Such animal diseases are on the rise as a result of international trade and the movement of people and animals. ‘Animal illnesses that cross borders need an instantaneous and effective regional or international response,’ both agencies stated. FAO and OIE have decided to set up a global details and early warning program on extremely contagious transboundary animal diseases.