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Amazing new top-level domain now available.

Amazing new top-level domain now available: .NEWS domains are ideal for independent information sites; get listed free of charge at the search engine Should anyone ever wished to run your own news site, blog or public opinion web page, your opportunity has now arrived . A very important new top-level domain has been announced this week known as just.NEWS . It’s a new alternative to .com, .net, .org and other top-level domains, and it creates instant feeling to everyone. A .news domain name, everyone knows, means it’s covering the news about that topic! You can now register and own fresh domains such as, HealthyPetFood.myHomeTown or – – or other things that you can think of.

However the partnership, which now seems to have finally happened, will no doubt raise some eyebrows among users of Amazon’s retail solutions, in light of latest revelations that some U.S. Telecom businesses have already been cooperating with the NSA in divulging personal electronic communications of American citizens.. now running the CIA data cloud The U.S. Intelligence community is about to get a major technological boost, but Americans might be surprised to discover who is supplying it and why. According to Defense One, this summer a $600 million processing cloud produced by major Internet store Amazon’s Web Providers division for the Central Intelligence Agency in the last 12 roughly months will begin providing info between all 17 organizations that comprise the intelligence community .