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Botched surgical procedure victim unhappy with $115K award Marilyn Leisz cant fully shut her eye.

She sued him and earlier this full week, a fresh Jersey jury awarded her $115,000, though she expected a lot more. ‘I don’t believe the jury actually took under consideration what I’ve been through, what I am going through, or what the near future will probably be like for me personally,’ Leisz said. For Leisz, it’s another of constant care; she’s to sleep with a mask to safeguard her eyes even. Leisz stated, ‘When I place that mask on every evening, it’s like placing yourself in just a little coffin.’ Her board-accredited doctor, Paul Parker, a cosmetic cosmetic surgeon in Paramus, N.J., wouldn’t normally speak on-video camera to CBS News.They view it all the time. ‘When [travelers] observe that the line is indeed long, they just ask for a wheelchair,’ Evelyn Danquah, an attendant for Delta Atmosphere Lines, informed the paper, adding that she’s seen several so-called wheelchair fakers simply stand up after they clear security and walk away. No relevant questions asked. No penalty for cheating. What’s more, it could be that the wheelchair attendants hired to force folks around – and who make from $9-$14 an hour with suggestions – have a monetary incentive to press more folks.