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CVS Caremark pharmacists also inform clients about generic medicines which certainly are a low price alternative to name-brand drugs. When patients don’t consider the medications prescribed by their doctors, it hurts their health insurance and can cost around $177 billion yearly, said Brennan. Customers can improve their health while reducing healthcare costs merely by sticking to their prescription drug regimens, said Brennan. Study methodology CVS Caremark commissioned a study in April of 2009 among consumers to be able to gain insight on behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs surrounding health care in general and prescription use. An internet based study was conducted among 2,000 consumers who record taking at least one maintenance medicine.The results, reported in the March issue of Nature Genetics, were made utilizing a database of more than 25,000 protein-protein interactions published by the Hopkins-IOB group. The result is believed to be the most complete individual interactome yet describing the interplay of proteins that occur in cells during health insurance and disease. Genes are important because they’re the blueprints for proteins, but proteins are where the action is in human being health and life, says Akhilesh Pandey, M.D., Ph.D., an assistant professor at the Institute of Genetic Medication and the departments of Biological Chemistry, Oncology and Pathology at The Johns Hopkins University College of Medicine.